What Do CEOs want from HR? 


By Antoinette “Toni” Ford

In a world that is rapidly changing, new companies and industries are emerging or disappearing. Jobs and functions that were once considered important have become obsolete, and roles in organizations are morphing as businesses seek to compete and gain market share. This evolution of how companies are not just competing for talent but are looking for a holistic approach to the employee lifecycle – recruitment, onboarding, retention, development, (not just training but coaching, careers, succession planning, talent mapping, i.e. creating a culture where people are developed) and exit, can leave us frazzled and confused.

The role of the human resource professional has changed from performing functional tasks to providing a strategic partnership, advising about the people elements of business to the corporate management team.  The test of value today is what HR can do on a strategic level.

CEO’s have expressed they need someone they can trust whom they can turn to for confidential advice or just to be a sounding board. How does one gain their trust, demonstrate integrity, and add value?

For many of us that served for years in the role of a human resource professional, we related to ourselves and our role as primarily focusing and ensuring rules, regulations, procedures, and practices are consistently applied.  This role is simply not enough in today’s marketplace.

As an adjunct college professor, I have surveyed students about their opinions on the role of the human resource professionals within their organizations.  Unfortunately, it runs the gamut from “being a stooge for management” to “acting like a union steward, looking out only for the interest of employees.”  One can easily find oneself in what feels like a Lose/Lose situation, caught in the crossfires of catering to management’s needs versus being an advocate for the well-being of individuals within the organization.

There is hope and practical, proven methods, tools and understanding that can assist you in acting as a Cultural Change Agent within your institution.

The HR Business Partner (HRPB) Certification Program is a life-changing course that will provide participants with key insights, tools, real-life experiences and skills that will advance your trust, value, and respect within your organization.

The HRPB program focuses on the current emerging expectations that clarify the role and responsibilities.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of being a true partner by understanding the aspects of the business and knowing how to respond and guide senior leaders, managers, people in various positions and stakeholders to create a Cultural Change within the organization. Key learning techniques include:

  • Fully understand the role of the HR Business Partner and the skills and competencies required to meet those needs
  • Develop and enhance skills to influence and gain commitment and buy-in from business leaders
  • Plan and lead effective change, and partner with leaders, teams, and stakeholders to implement a sustainable change process
  • Use proven methods to diagnose challenges and develop and deploy interventions and measure the impact
  • Apply problem-solving and negotiation skills and learn how to evaluate measuring success
  • Create Action Plans using project planning tools to identify priorities, and use goal setting to develop and execute plans
  • Demonstrate strong facilitation skills to lead effective meetings and conduct training and teambuilding sessions
  • Evaluate outcomes, completing deliverables and measuring success

One of the most powerful experiences participants gain is learning and sharing real-life experiences and actions with other participants.  Additionally, participants complete an assessment and development plan to identify areas of strength and areas needed for growth and new competencies.

Author:  Toni Ford, MS Administration, is a facilitator and human resources consultant for the Institute of Organization Development and has worked nationally and internationally supporting CEOs, Sr. Leadership, and teams in her role as a senior leader HR Business Partner/OD Director. She is published and has had several newspaper articles written about her work in organizations.

Contact  www.instituteod.com for more information on whether this certification program is right for you!


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