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OD Thought Leadership and Industry Trends

What is Your COVID-19 Lens? Six Points of View
By Dr. Mary Lippitt, Author Situational Mindsets: Targeting What Matters When It Matters Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic...
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Critical Role of the OD Change Agent During Crises
Our role as Organizational Development (OD) professionals has never been more critical to organizations and leaders as they...
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Virtual Online Training for Employees 
Managing a virtual workforce can be difficult under normal circumstances and with a global crisis impacting the entire world...
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My Personal Connection to Robert Crosby
By Dr. Nancy Zentis, CEO, IOD In October, 2015, I attended the OD Network Conference in Portland, Oregon, and was introduced...
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Why Create a Talent Management Strategy?
Talent management is a scientific strategy used in human resource planning to improve business value and help organizations...
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What is OD and the Action Research Model (ARM)?
The Action Research Model (ARM) was introduced by Kurt Lewin in the late 1930’s.  As a social scientist, his approach involved...
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Continuity and Stability through Organizational Learning
Author: Dr. Justine Chinoperekweyi The need to align organizations to the constantly changing business environment cannot...
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IOD Feature: An interview with Ann Louise Tisdale-Ramos
IOD Feature: An interview with Ann Louise Tisdale-Ramos Ann Louise Tisdale-Ramos, MBA is currently the Senior Manager of...
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Secrets to Successful Executive Coaching
By Nancy Zentis, Ph.D. The demand for Executive Coaching is growing and will continue to increase substantially through 2020. ...
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