Changing the World, One OD Practitioner at a Time

Changing the world one OD professional at a time


At the Institute of Organization Development (IOD), we are champions for change. We passionately believe in the power of OD to change the world for the better, and that it is up to OD professionals to be the empowered agents who make that change happen. We also know that only by upskilling and reskilling the OD community can that change be the most impactful.

The Origins of IOD

In 2001, after 25 years of working with various companies, Dr. Nancy Zentis realized that there was a great need to help OD professionals better understand the processes and tools required to successfully implement and sustain organizational change.  Furthermore, Nancy knew organizations needed this help!  During her many years in the field, she had personally witnessed the struggles both large and small organizations consistently faced. She discovered that it was practically impossible to implement a sustainable change process if there was inadequate integration, poor culture, unclear strategies, ineffective systems, and autocratic leadership styles.

Enthusiastic about the OD discipline and inspired by the history of impactful contributions made by the original OD guru, Kurt Lewin, Dr. Zentis chose to dedicate her life’s work to sharing her knowledge of Organization Development with other professionals who wanted to make a difference in their communities.

Creating a Global OD Community

From the beginning, Institute OD has worked closely with partners in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and North America.  Dr. Zentis designed the original curriculum, facilitated the programs, and provided certifications for participants in classrooms across the globe.

5th Annual OD Conference

Nancy was proud to be impacting and uniting diverse organizations including government, NGO’s, religious organizations and local communities.  It was especially rewarding for her to witness how much participants valued their certifications and were empowered to take control of their careers, earning professional recognition and advancing upward in their organization’s ranks.

Dr. Zentis’ commitment to this critical education and empowerment did not stop there. Demonstrating her visionary leadership, IOD ditched the restrictive classroom setting and leaped into the online world in 2010.  The rest is history.  As of today, over seven thousand OD professionals from around the world have earned their IOD credentials, advanced their careers, and effectively impacted change within their organizations.

Eager to maintain a community with IOD’s program graduates and colleagues, Dr. Zentis envisioned an online forum where OD Professionals could connect and share the latest and greatest on all things OD.  In 2016, the Global IOD Network (GIODN) was launched, featuring a member profile directory, access to an exhaustive OD toolkit, and monthly virtual book clubs and special speaker events that connect GIODN members with some of the most renowned thought leaders in the industry!

What We Do For You

Institute OD is dedicated to helping people advance in the field of OD with convenient, practical, and valuable development opportunities. IOD programs offer participants a unique opportunity to immediately impact their organization by learning how to apply OD skills and tools in real time. We take pride in our diverse body of participants and offer our Online Certification Programs with four different time slots to better serve our global audience.

We partner with SHRM, HRCI, and ICF and are approved to provide continuing education credits to our participants for their ongoing learning and development activities.  We offer a free one year membership to GIODN to each one of our first time participants in a certification program, as well as discounts for additional certifications.

The Future Looks Bright

Dr. Zentis’ dream to advance the field of OD continues to grow as IOD expands its offerings of industry-leading certification programs, webinars, professional development workshops, and global professional membership organization (GIODN).

Join the community of thousands of professionals who have elevated their careers by training with IOD’s top experts in the field! 

About IOD:

The Institute of Organization Development (IOD) is a global learning organization providing award winning online certification programs in the areas of Organization Development, Talent Management, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development  and HR Business Partner.  For more information regarding our programs, please contact us at


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